10 Link Building Resources That will Help You Increase Search Rankings

For search engines that continue crawling the vast metropolis of the web, links are the streets among countless pages. With the help of link analysis, every search engine discovers how the pages relate to one another and how they should be organized in search results.

For several years, search engines such as Google started giving much importance to link building. With the help of complex algorithms, they easily evaluate the sites and pages and divide them into different categories. At the same time, it would not be wrong to say that link building is not everything in search engine optimization. This is because, links are basically one of the major ways search engines evaluate the popularity of the web pages, but they have nothing to do with originality or authenticity of a site. So, you never know if the link you have opened has directed you to a trustworthy source or not.

Below is the list of 10 link building resources that will help you increase your search rankings.

  1. Create Broken Links (source)

It would be wrong to consider that all links are created with similar, traditional strategies. You sometimes have to create broken links to get better ranking in search engine results.

I strongly recommend that you set up some PBN (private blog network) website, and get hundreds of links that could help you push the organic traffic in. Sooner or later, Google will definitely recognize your presence and will index your pages in a better way. You can also try to automate broken link building to build momentum for your website/blog.

  1. The Link Reclamation is likely to be Sucking (source)

According to some SEOs, link reclamation is the most effective way to earn editorial links for the pages from referring websites that have talked about your brand but have given no direct links. Regardless the field of marketing you belong, you should always work for brand promotion via brand mentions. Brand mentions are the future of link building. In the same way, choose the sites and portals where the product is being talked about.

  1.  Remember that Links Connects the Web Together (source)

Bear it in mind that links will be connecting the web together. These are present on almost all sites, pages, and online portals where information’s are being shared. It is your duty to check who built links to your site/product/service and how important they are in search engine results. In case, Google has ranked a third party site among top pages, there will be bright chances for you to generate indirect traffic in case your site’s links are present there.

  1. Develop Understanding of the Advanced Link Building Strategies (source)

You should develop the understanding of SEO struggles. It is essential for everyone to reach an expected quantity and quality of the links so that Google can improve the search engine ranking of your website. This is not going to be an easy job; for this, I will recommend you learn some advanced link building strategies. After this, you will be able to build ‘perfect links’, and can create epic content that builds your relationship with the leaders of the industry.

  1. Use Educational Linkbait for .Edu Links (source)

I will strongly recommend that you use educational Linkbait for building .Edu links. This strategy matches the modern SEO practices. This resource talks about why you should build links to educational websites, and how to create articles that attract .edu links.

  1. Linking Out Instead of Link Building (source)

If you’re after building a solid reputation for your site on search engines, then you should know that linking out is much better than traditional link building. It enhances the awareness among the readers, promotes your brand in a better way, and motivates other sites to link back to your pages; thus, you can generate heavy organic traffic and can make huge income from advertisement.

  1. Build Links with Screaming Frog (source)

It is absolutely true that well written and informative content easily convinces the webmasters to link to your website. This is why you should try to create articles that are useful for all types of audience. At the same time, the grammar and vocabulary have to be fantastic. If you go through the Google Webmasters pinpoints, you will gain sufficient knowledge of how to build quality links with screaming frog.

  1. Get Links on Resource Pages (source)

Try to get links on resource pages. This is not going to be an easy task since you have to do a lot of hard work, and at the same time have to adopt some great tactics. This proves the fact that contextual links are powerful, but you have to diversify your site’s appearance with the help of quality content that builds its links on resource pages itself.

  1. Discover Untapped Keywords on Reddit

Become a member on Reddit to discover the untapped keywords. Participate in discussions on a regular basis. Talk about the things that get instant attention, and when the discussion starts you can direct the people to your web pages very easily.

  1. Finding Unlinked Brand Mentions (source)

Most startup businessmen waste a lot of time while trying to build quality links. By finding unlinked brand mentions, you can greatly improve your search engine ranking. This will also help in increasing your leads, and will keep more and more people aware of your brand/products/services.

According to Club Z! almost 80% of startups fail to get desired output of their investments; this is because the links they have built for their sites are not competitive enough.

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