5 Important SEO Trends You Need to Know


Global spending on digital marketing reached nearly $100 billion last year. Most business owners realize that in order to attract modern consumers, they have to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

The more you know about the latest trends in the world of SEO, the easier it will be to apply them to your own digital marketing campaigns. The following are some the SEO trends you should pay attention to.

1. Using Featured Snippets to Conquer Google

The biggest search engine on the planet is Google. The reason why Google has stayed on top of the search engine industry is due to their passion for innovation and technology. One of the most important Google trends you need to pay attention to as a business owner is featured snippet.

These snippets are blocks of text at the top spot of a search results page. This featured snippet is designed to provide users with instant information about the search terms they are using. The only way to get your site in this coveted featured snippet spot is by using the right keywords. With the help of marketing professionals, finding keywords that are both popular and relevant to your industry will be a breeze.

2. Quality Content is Always in Fashion

Consistently posting relevant and informative blogs is a great way to attract more attention from search engines like Google. Not only will you need to focus on developing great blogs, but you will also need to create an internal linking strategy. When done properly, these internal links provide the reader with more information about your business and the topic at hand.

When putting these links in your content, you need to focus on using the right anchor text. Find out more about this topic and how beneficial internal links are by reading this anchor text optimization guide.

Not only will you need to focus on optimizing your text with internal links, but you need to also put a priority on posting consistently. Posting new content on a weekly basis will allow you to stay on Google’s radar and fresh in the minds of consumers. If you don’t have time to develop, optimize and post content on your own, hiring a content marketing professional is a good idea with their help, you will be able to keep the content coming for the foreseeable future. 

3. Using Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

When developing content, you need to focus on not only the keywords being used but also in what context they are being used. Stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords can actually backfire on you. Google bots are ignoring this stuffing in lieu of latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords.

The basic idea behind LSI keywords is using them in conjunction with your primary keywords to create word families. These word families provide Google bots with information about what the content is related to. This information is what is used when assigning ranks to content on Google search engine result pages.

4. Don’t Ignore Voice Search

With the rising popularity of programs like Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby, more and more consumers are using voice search to find what they need online. People who use this technology will search for information with far different keywords than someone typing in a search bar.

This is why optimizing your content with voice command keywords is a good idea. Often times, you will pose these keywords in the form of a question. Terms like, “businesses near me” or “top-rated company” are often used in voice searches.

5. Your Website Needs Video


Some business owners make the mistake of only using written content on their website. While well-written blogs are a good start, you will need more to keep a potential customer’s attention. Creating engaging and entertaining video content is a trend many business owners are embracing.

Not only are consumers more likely to sit and watch a video, but they will also share them on their social media profiles as well. This means a business owner has a chance of their video going viral.

The best way to keep your video content from going off the rails is by developing a script beforehand. When developing a script, think about what subject you are covering and how best to convey this information in an easy to understand way. You should also think about using humor to get your point across. Consumers love to laugh and want to see that your business actually has a human side. Creating great videos will be a process of trial and error. Eventually, you will find a video formula that works for your audience. 

Getting Professional Marketing Help

If you want to update your approach to digital marketing, working with professionals is vital. With professional help, you can devise a marketing strategy and track the progress it is making with ease.

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