10 Excellent Link Building Strategies You Must Implement

Link Building Strategy

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Without an iota of doubt, link building is one of the toughest parts of an SEO’s job. At the same time, it is very important if you really want to achieve great success on the Internet. To build links, you need to be more creative because no two link building campaigns are ever similar; so the campaign you choose will determine the repute of your website or blog. Just before we move on, let us take a brief look at the basic link acquisition:

  • Find out the customers to get connected with. This is only possible when you work on regular basis. Add graphic icons on social media networks with links back to your website.
  • Building a company blog is very important. This should be made informative and entertaining with some excellent and well-written posts. Blogging is not enough, you have to participate in conversations too, because it will help you to get better online reputation.
  • Create inspiring content that goes viral and builds its links naturally. In SEO terms, this strategy is called “linkbait“. Make sure every word you write is full of information so that your readers share the posts with their friends. This will eventually lead you to get more attention from countless Internet users, thus your audience is built automatically.

Without further ado, let us check the list of 10 excellent link building strategies:

1. Opening through variety of URLs and titles

This one is often ignored but is very important. High quality links can be built when you run a campaign in which URLs and titles are easy to observe by search engines. Examples of this are:

  • inurl:esl-links.html – lists down ESL-specific HTML link pages
  • inurl:esl-blogs – lists down resource listing of best blogs

2. Say ‘NO’ to false sincerity in email outreach

With the passage of time, spammers have turned into manual email outreachers, and they have changed the way they used to construct emails. This is the time you can build reliable and authentic links by saying a big ‘NO’ to false email outreach campaigns. An example of this is:

“I’m a regular visitor of your website, www.domain.com”.

“I’ve observed that you have interest in (niche)”. (Here they have built irrelevant links)

Remember that such introductory emails are good for nothing. It is a clear indication that you just want to make someone your fan/follower by pleasing them.

3. Checklists’ creation to get scaled

For scalability, you can create checklists. A checklist for link building is a great way to get answers of numerous technical questions. An example of the checklists that can be created with precision is:

  • Priority of emails for picking up such as info@domain.com or admin@domain.com.

4. Significance of Inverted broken link building

Fixing broken link is one of the finest and widely used SEO techniques of the era. It is an art you need to be expert of if you really want to see your website/blog at the first page of Google. With inverted broken links, you can create linkable asset and can conduct outreach campaign successfully. One example of this link building strategy is:

  • Check out all pages for broken links (Error 404s) and make their list. You can use LinkMiner for this purpose. Then you have to dive into archive.org to retain the content for the said page(s).

5. Turn “No” to “Yes”

Try your best to build links in a way that every ‘No’ is turned to ‘Yes’. Here there could be a couple of cases, one of which is briefly described below:

Case:  Relevant domain, irrelevant resource

This issue can be resolved when you check the website/page where you are willing to build links. You must include references wherever needed. Also, compliments can be added, and write why your website/page is better than others.

6. Reclaim your links

Reclaiming links from someone who has used your content, picture, video or even a quote is a brilliant idea. This will automatically build a direct link for you. There are a couple of tools that can help you in this regard. For example, a tool to reclaim the image’s link is ImageRaider. Reclaiming links manually is quite tough, therefore you might need an expert to handle this job for you.

7. Modifications in BLB outreach

Notice when your pages were  last updated; then evaluate if they need any type of editing or not. Knowing the last modification date is one of the coolest ways to know if any high quality link building opportunity exists or not. This task can be done by using Archive.org (example). Regular modifications are recommended so that your blog/website looks authentic.

8. Brackets should be added to subject lines

Try to add brackets to subject lines. With this amazing trick, you can create content that can get more than enough traffic. Expert have proved that headlines with bracketed clarifications (such as [photos], [interview], and so on) perform better than headlines with no brackets. This is because readers would love to read pages if they see clear pictures of what the headlines/articles are about.

9. Proper link analysis

Proper link analysis is needed by every website/blog owner. Once you have developed a blog, the next step is to find sub-niches. This can be done by observing linked pages of content assets.

10. Ask for referrals in outreach

Links can be built with great ease when you initiate a referral program for your visitors. Ask them for referrals, and in return offer them something amazing so that they will develop more interest in your blog. When you ask for referrals, remember to consider your metrics.

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