10 Best Article Submission Software to Build Quality Links

Best Article Submission Software

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Do you want to submit articles on hundred of article directories and blogs simultaneously? The experienced bloggers from the four corners of the world have no time to submit articles manually. For performing this task, they use the article submission software. If you want to be one of them, then today’s guide is about 10 best article submission software to build quality links. This marketing software’s are hand-picked so you will definitely enjoy their benefits.

Benefits of Article Submission Software

Article submission software’s are the software’s that provides help in submitting articles to thousands of article directories with ease. These eliminate the need of manual article submission which takes more than enough time. The core benefits of article submission software are:

  • These save time and energy.
  • The article submission software can easily locate multiple blogs.
  • The software provides help to discover best article submission services on the Internet.
  • These are used widely to generate quality traffic. Write articles with relevant keywords and publish them on top directories using software of your choice, and see how quickly the traffic grows.

Review of Article Submission Software

  1. Quick Article Submitter

The Quick Article Submitter is one of the best article submission software. It helps to build quality backlinks. Using this tool, you can submit your articles to over four hundred article directories in just a few minutes. Some of its unique features are the Auto-Submit option, and scheduled submission. It is a user-friendly software. As a matter of fact, you can check the status of your submitted articles.

  1. Article Marketing Monster

The Article Marketing Monster is widely used by professional SEOs. With this software, you can submit articles in large numbers to top article directories. All you need to do is to insert your personal information and click the ‘Go’ option to get started. Before an article is published, users have to choose the category. This tool promotes your business website by building top quality links.

  1. Magic Article Submitter

The Magic Article Submitter is the most loved SEO software or article submitter software to date. With it, you can not only submit the articles to best directories but also can check the status of your backlinks. It automatically creates 100’s of accounts for every user. So, submit your article to more than 2000 sites with the Magic Article Submitter.

  1. Article Marketing Robot

The Article Marketing Robot is an outstanding article submission software. It was released in 2010 by Vince Severson, and has now become very famous. This software does not only submits your article to multiple directories as perfect as possible but also can spin it. In fact, it is excellent for mass article submission. It is presented with a user-friendly. This provides proxy support.

  1. SEO Suite

If you want an all-in-one SEO software with article submission and spinning capabilities, then SEO Suite is the right choice. This high-level management SEO software is bundled with around 20 tools. This helps you to improve the ranking of your website. It continuously monitors the keywords and builds quality backlinks.

  1. Article Kevo

Users of the Article Kevo receive regular reports of how well their backlinks are built. It is an advanced article submitter, released in 2012. Since then, this has become favorite of world’s top SEOs. This tool works efficiently with directory platforms like WordPress, Article Dashboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, ArticleBeach and ArticleScript.

  1. Article Demon

The Article Demon was released by Edwin Brian in 2009. It is yet another fantastic and one of best article submission software you could use to build quality links. Drive heavy traffic to your website with Article Demon because it provides quicker search engine indexing. It boosts your business credibility.

  1. XGenSEO – Micro Blog Submission Software

The XGenSEO has brought great revolution in Microblogging world. This is the finest Micro Blog Submission Software. This generates quality backlinks from all social media websites. Using it, you can submit and spin articles as per your requirements and niche of the blog/website you operate.

  1. Unique Article Wizard

The Unique Article Wizard is a popular tool. If you are a digital marketer then you can upload, create, and distribute unique versions of articles to thousands of indexed directories and blogs with this effective software.

  1. Cyber-fetch Website Submitter

The last but not the least is the Cyber-fetch Website Submitter. Currently, it is the easiest web promoting software in the market. This software is known for its mind-blowing specifications. Using it, you can promote your websites and get a great website ranking in search engines.

The above article submission software are so efficient that you can build outstanding backlinks. Thus, you will quit spending hours doing the article submission manually.

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