5 Effective Link Building Campaigns You Should Definitely Try

Link Building campaign

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Just like the famous words of  Kavi Sandeep Dwivedi which says “ Naturality is a unique fashion, Its makeup called simplicity Its trend never dies”. Looking at that phrase It has 3 great sentences which in turn will be explained in relation to link building.

Naturality is a unique fashion — getting links organically is unique compared to links been generated by bots.

Its makeup is simplicity — Getting an organic link is so simple, how? You simply seek the consent of the website owner and provide great content that they feel is worth sharing with their readers.

Its trend never dies — A great content written years ago will still rank if Google finds the information valid.

Links are one of the major factors Google uses to measure relevance, authority, and popularity of content.

One may then ask, what are “Link Building Campaigns” and why do I need to subscribe to one before I can generate links for my website to rank higher?

What is a Link Building Campaign?

A link building campaign is a process of actively trying to increase links to your website, usually accompanied by some kind of broad-scale objective (increasing your website outreach). It will use assets belonging to another website in order to acquire those links, and an asset can be anything from content and news to products and services.  

Why do I need the campaign?

  1.       To rank higher and Increase traffic
  2.      To generate leads and increase conversion
  3.      To increase your brand outreach
  4.      Search engines use links to determine how well a page should rank in their results

The need for link building campaign can’t be quantified, for every business to thrive online, it requires help from search engines to push its pages as a search result. For this to be done, you need links relating to your page from higher domains.

The insatiable nature of human pushes us further to ask furthermore questions as to which link building campaigns can I invest my money in.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial exchange between one blogger and another. The concept is quite straightforward: The author writes an article for a blog of their interest, the blogger/editor(of the owned blog) then decides if the article is a good fit for their blog and if the answer is yes, publishes it on their website.

Writing articles on your blog is good however, writing on other’ is great, why? Guest blogging simply opens you to another set of audience which your blog hasn’t covered.  One great link generated from guest blogging is the editorial link.

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Guest blogging is nearly a free promotion. You give the publication great content, they pay you in return by advertising you and your website on theirs. Getting good links can be achieved when you write for a website in your niche with the higher domain so you can get valuable links. (e.g marketing sites like Search Engine Watch, Hubspot, Semrush and so on are good websites to guest blog for if you’re in the marketing niche)

Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets are Google’s attempt to answer the queries right on the search results page. Since Google is getting better at understanding search intent, it wants to give the user an immediate answer so they don’t have to search the actual results. They contain title tag, Meta description, and URL.

Consider you having to search for your business online, Just as the image above, Google gives your business website in the search result and create a featured snippet showing more details about your location, CEO’s name and other. A featured snippet gives the first impression about your brand and this can determine your click-through rate.

How can I create a Rich Featured Snippet?

  • The contents of the Snippet should be in line with the content you are writing
  • Improve the winning snippet, keep it short and sweet but don’t copy. Google prefers it when featured snippets are less than about 50 words
  • Include the keyword you are optimizing the snippet for within the answer part of the Featured Snippet code
  • Spice up your Snippet i.e include something that will make people want to click-through


You’ve probably heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” a manifesto that speaks to the value and efficiency of visual communication is called an Infographics.  According to HubSpot, infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content. Eye-tracking studies have also shown that readers pay close attention to information-carrying images. An effective infographic conveys information in a convincing manner, it does an excellent job of taking readers by the hand and guiding them through visual and entertaining information about a certain product. Great infographics which tend to build link have the following;

  1. An exceptional and amazing designs
  2. They are embedded with interesting fact and statistics.
  3. A good promotion and outreach via Canva, Reddit, Pinterest, and blogs that accept infographics.

Referencing Influencers in your Niche

One mostly ignored way of building links is by giving reference to an influencer in a particular article. Writing about great influencers tends to drive more traffic because it gives your readers the perception of experts views/opinion about a certain topic.

Writing a great post about the industry or seeking to share what experts say on your website will likely bring attention to your website.  A well-crafted article about a said influencer can be shared by those influencers on their pages, with this, there will be an increase click-through rate and this will help increase your traffic.

Broken Links

Link Building campaign

An old method of building/earning links is through broken links. The basic truth about this type of link building campaign is that it still works. Broken link building (also known as dead link building) is the practice of building backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link to a target page. How do broken links work for link building

  • Identify The broken links on the website using various link checking tools
  • Bring that dead link into a backlink analysis tool to find other sites that are also linking to that page
  • Pitch a very close offer to repair the broken links with a blog post.


Link building campaign when rightly engage is capable of delivering the right organic traffic. As earlier said, an organic link built with either of the above link building campaigns never dies. Simply start a link building campaign by yourself or hire an expert so that you can get the required result.