Real Estate SEO – 3 Link Building Tactics to Gain More Attraction

Imagine your website not being visited despite millions searching for real estate webpages online? According to Statista, over 119 million people visit different real estate monthly. This figure tends to be on the increase as real estate is one of the next big things to be on the go. Every month, major real estate blogs get millions of visitors, because of this real estate has become very competitive on the internet. If you search for your geographical area (where your real estate business is located) and the phrase “real estate” listing, I am sure you will find many if not all your competitors already listed, for instance, here is the result I got for “new york new york “real estate” listings”. You can also check out the map result I got below.  

Real estate New York

Real estate New York Map

What does this mean? The fight to rank higher than your competitor is the reason why you should fusion link building into your strategy to gain more attraction.

Search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo know that the real estate industry is dependent on leads from them. For instance, Google made a change in its algorithm, nicknamed Florida, afterward many real estate agencies found that their listings had disappeared. Was this specifically aimed at the real estate industry? SEO experts are not in agreement with this. Thus agencies had to go scrambling about various link building strategies to get their listing back.

Real estate internet marketing has changed over time. One fact about it still remains that every trick a real estate agent use is to get higher listings. Real estate companies use the most advanced techniques to get to the top of a search engine such as link building, mini-sites, doorway pages e.t.c

As a real estate company who want to stay top of SERPs, which link building tactics should you use to gain more attractions and higher listings?

Content-Base Link Building


                                                                                Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Content is essential in reaching the ever-growing online audience. Smart Content will generate leads, promote your brand, increase customer engagement, and position you as a thought leader within your industry. Getting the required link with your content has got to focus on these areas

  • Google Search for keywords in real estate that are doing well (giving a lot of backlinks)
  • Using link building tools to analyze your competitor websites
  • Use content analyzer to check the topics which gave them their highest engagement.
  • Gather your topic Ideas and write.

This sound easy, but however ranking your content for an 800 words article won’t come as easy as someone who has a detailed analysis on a long content. Google sees such content faster and ranks it because it has in-depth details about a certain topic. When developing content, don’t just choose “Affordable Houses in New York, New York City” instead write a more detailed article on “ How and Why You Should Consider Living in New York, New York City”.

SERP Elevating Link Building

Search Engine

                                                                                    Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

You can boost your search result positioning for particular keywords, the key is getting dofollow links on relevant pages using your keyword phrase as anchor text (Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the search engine). So if you want to rank highly for real estate listings, you will want your links to be using those keywords. When you’re linking out to a page, the anchor text that you’re using gives credibility to the page you are linking to. Therefore, you want to be using the right anchors for the web page you’re pointing to. Linking to contents on the pages of your real estate website is one great way to also increase your ranking in the search engine. Internal linking assist to keep your readers engaged on your site thus reducing the bounce rate. Google algorithm allows search engines to see that some of your webpages have more internal links pointing towards them than others, and will, therefore, judge them as more important.

AMP to Increase Search Traffic


                                                                                    Image by EzyInsights

Though Google has repeatedly stated that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are not a ranking factor.

AMP ranking factor

Does this mean they are not important? No, As a real estate search engine optimizer, using Amp will help you in the following ways:

  • Google will automatically recognize your webpage as AMP page versions
  • You’ll get a higher ranking, traffic and increase revenue
  • Increase your  page speed/ ranking on mobile search
  • Pages built using AMP HTML will load faster, creating a better user experience

If you are not using AMP you could be losing much because most of the research been made for real estate services are dependents on the page speed of your webpage. This should be a big reason why a real estate agent should consider integrating AMP for higher listing.


Real estate professionals seeking to rank in SERPs should pay attention to the types of results produced for the queries in which they seek to rank. Why? Google uses particular criteria to determine what can rank in each of these. For example, in order to be in Google’s local/maps results, it’s crucial to have a listing in Google My Business, a service the search engine offers enabling local businesses to claim or create their “Place,” provide information to Google.